21st Century Learning;
  Personalizing Learning In
  The Built Environment

Designed specifically to help BC school district and facilities teams understand, support and implement BC’s Education Plan, our workshop “21st Century Learning; Personalizing Learning In the Built Environment”, is available to all SD staff, leadership, trustees, and educators. Available in full day workshop (8 hours) and half day formats, we offer this workshop to public school districts and educational leadership teams for independent schools at no charge. This workshop is not promotional, it focuses specifically on solutions and supporting a shared language and vision amongst all school facilities stakeholders. The workshop offers:

The workshop is presented by KMBR's experts in Educational Facility Design who: · Have worked with more than 40 B.C. School Districts and have a K-12 school portfolio of over 150 projects current and completed in the last 10 years;
· Are experts in translating the requirements of educational pedagogy to the built environment to ensure that learning opportunities are supported and not prevented or hampered by the school building itself;
· Have working knowledge of and a very good understanding of the Ministry of Education’s mission and goals as they relate to curriculum, educational requirements and philosophies, new builds and building upgrades.