Seismic Upgrades & Renovation

In the last 10 years, KMBR has provided architectural services on 190 renovation/upgrade projects, both large and small, including 32 seismic upgrades and 11 building envelope restorations.

We are familiar with and have experience with the new seismic requirements and Seismic Project Identification Report (SPIR) and Seismic Project Definition Report (SPDR) processes. We excel at complex renovation projects because we use our understanding of building technology issues as a source of innovative and practical solutions. We take into consideration the demands of complex scheduling and careful planning to maintain operations in the facility during construction.

We enjoy the challenge of working within the constraints often presented by an existing building and rise to the opportunity to produce designs that can help rejuvenate the building. We can help you plan and implement your seismic project, please contact , or for more information.

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