Pre-K to 12 Education

Surrey Christian School
Primary Wing Addition

Project Stats

Type: Addition
Client: Surrey Christian School Society
Location: Surrey, BC
Size: 2,090m2 + 1,217m2 parkade
Project Delivery: Construction Management

Built to share the core facilities of the existing Surrey Christian Middle School campus, the new primary school is designed to fully accommodate 21st century learning strategies. The central organizing element is a two-storey atrium that extends the full length of the building, and connects the circulation spaces on the upper and main floors. On the first level, classrooms are adjacent to a 442m2 outdoor play area that runs along the length of the addition. On the second floor, the corridor is widened to provide generous 21st century break-out spaces. The new primary school is designed to a high standard of environmental best practices, including exceptional access to daylight and views, healthy and sustainable building materials, energy-efficient heating system, natural ventilation and cooling, and durable building design.

Photographer:Ed White Photographic

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